Bale Spears

     We understand that working the land has its rewards and its challenges. We also know that with the right tractor implements and tools in your hands, the job becomes that much easier and safer for you.

     Bale spears are one of the most important tools needed for properly handling round bales. You’ll save time and increase productivity by using a bale spear or spike. We have an excellent selection of bale spears that will mount either on the back of your tractor or to the front of a skid-steer. When properly mounted onto a bale spear, the large round hay bales won’t spin and potentially become difficult to handle.

     Choose from our various styles of bale spears and tines (spikes) to fit just about any model of tractor on the market today. Now and then we may even have a hydraulic bale lift available with a lifting capacity of roughly 4,000 pounds.

     Bale spears or spikes are helpful farm and tractor implements for getting the job of moving those large round hay bales on your farm done efficiently and safely. Purchase our bale spikes for less than you would elsewhere and you’ll not only have the right tool in hand for doing the job right, you’ll save a little green at the same time.


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