Beef Cattle Breeds

  • Purebred Cattle
    Discover some of the many reasons why a lot of today's Beef Cattle Breeders believe so strongly in running Purebred Cattle.
  • Angus
    The first great herds of Angus beef cattle in America were built up by purchasing stock directly from Scotland. Twelve hundred cattle alone were imported, mostly to the Midwest, in a period of explosive growth between 1878 and 1883 . Over the next quarter of a century these early owners, in turn, helped start other herds by breeding, showing, and selling their registered stock.
  • Blonde
    The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed exhibits a history of selective breeding pressures that have resulted in the economically valuable breed that we know today.
  • British White Cattle
    The British White Cattle Association is governed by a nine member Board of Directors elected by and from the active members of the association. As an active member you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of livestock events & industry meetings as well as record your British White Beef Animals in the official registry at reduced rates.
  • Murray Grey
    The Murray Grey originated in southern New South Wales, Australia. The preferred color is silver-gray although there are numerous variations in the shading of gray. In 1905, on the Thologolong property of Peter Sutherland, a particular roan Shorthorn cow...
  • Parthenais
    Parthenais existed in western Europe for hundreds of years with the official French herdbook being established in 1893. 100 years later the Canadian herdbook was established.
  • Santa Gertrudis
    The name of the Santa Gertrudis breed is from Rincon de Santa Gertrudis, the name of the original land grant purchased by Captain Richard King from the heirs of Juan Mendiola. This land grant is where the first headquarters of the King Ranch was established.
  • Shorthorn
    The Shorthorn Breed of Cattle originated on the northeastern coast of England in the counties of Northumberland, Durham, York, and Lincoln. These counties all touch the North Sea and lie between the Cheviot Hills and the middle part of England.


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