Beef Cattle Bull Selection

  1. Bull Selection and Management
    Discover some of the reasons why bull selection and management are number one in importantce on every beef cattle farm.
  2. Bull Management 101
    Bull management 101 is extremely important because a bull is usually kept around for one thing only and that is to breed cows. Proper management is needed to keep the bull in shape for the purposes intended.
  3. How To See and Select A Fertile Bull
    Learning How To See and Select A Fertile Bull may be the most important tool you can acquire to help with the selection you make for bulls to sire your next generation of calves. The quality of the calves you produce will determine your future in the cattle industry.
  4. Bull Breeding Soundness Exam
    Producers searching for a cost efficient method to promote a successful breeding program should find a bull breeding soundness examination very beneficial.
  5. Bull To Cow Ratio
    The Bull To Cow Ratio is defined as the n umber of cows to expect a bull to cover in one breeding season.
  6. Bulls Nutritional Needs
    Are you looking for some bulls nutritional needs and feed considerations or requirements? If so this is for your consideration to apply to weaned or purchased Bulls.
  7. Bulls After Breeding Season
    Management of bulls after breeding season is still very important so you will always have bulls ready when needed.
  8. Scrotal Circumference
    Bull Scrotal Circumference is one of the easiest numbers to acquire and probably the most important and least understood.
  9. Young Bulls Care Management
    Proper attent must be paid to your young bulls care management if you expect them to live up to their maximum potential and your expectations.
  10. More Bull Selection and Management
    The most usual time to be thinking about Beef Bull Selection and management is prior to and into late spring because spring marks the traditional bull buying season.
  11. Bulls Age At Puberty
    Very important that you have some knowledge about what your beef cattle bulls age at puberty should be. Puberty is the age at which reproductive function begins in animals. It corresponds with changes in hormone levels
  12. Scrotum and Testicles
    Beef Cattle Bull Scrotum and Testicles, the testicles have two functions; producing sperm and testosterone, and the scrotum acts as a control for the temperature of the testicles.
  13. Bull Carcass Selection
    Beef Cattle Bull Carcass Selection For Herd Improvement comes from some inside information on "Visual Evaulation For Bull Carcass Selection?" Here's an up-to-date report from a few experts who should know.
  14. Bull Selection For Temperament
    Beef Cattle Bull Selection For Temperament has effects on factors such as labor requirements, efficiency and meat quality. Temperament is often modified by handling practices and other environmental factors.
  15. Bull Selection Is Foundation For Profitable Herd
    Bull selection is the foundation for building a profitable beef herd. In most commercial herds, bulls are purchased and replacement heifers are selected from within the herd.
  16. Bull Talk
    When it comes to beef cattle bull talk most all cattle breeders are not very unique because they all need bulls.
  17. Bull Test What Is It
    A Central Beef Cattle Bull Test Program is to compare individual performance of potential herd sires, provide an opportunity for seedstock producers to market individual bulls, provide a source of bulls for commercial and seedstock herds and provide an educational opportunity for sellers and buyers alike.
  18. Error Proof Bull Selection
    Error proof bull selection is something most all beef cattle breeders can put to good use.
  19. Genetics and Reproduction
    The only way to keep up with the latest about "Beef Cattle Genetics And Reproduction" is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about "Beef Cattle Genetics And Reproduction", it won't take long for you to become an influential authority.
  20. Heifer Bulls
    If you have even a passing interest in the topic of heifer bulls, then you should take a look at this information.

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