Blades and Box Blades

     Looking for a blade or box blade to help you with projects around the place?  We have several styles and types from which to choose.  Whether you’re looking for a blade that will help you move sand, mulch, gravel, dirt, sod, or snow, we have one that will fit your project.  Box blades are for heavier-duty projects whereas blades will help out nicely with the easier ones.

     A box blade, otherwise known as a box scraper, is excellent for heavy-duty projects such as removing roots, removing topsoil, leveling building or yard sites, or preparing and building grades.  If you’ve been a landowner for some time or have recently become one, you know how important it is to have blades and box blades for all of your bigger projects.

     Box blades can be used on your farm or acreage for preparing a lawn for seed or sod or for spreading gravel onto a new driveway.  Topsoil can easily be moved with a box blade as well, which comes in handy for preparing an area for gardening or planting.

     Blades are typically used for snow removal or for light landscaping applications. 

     Blades and box blades are considered a standard farm implement that no landowner can be without, especially when you can do the job yourself for a lot less than paying someone else to come in and do it.


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