Beef Cattle Marketing Needs A Network Of Potential Buyers

       Information related to Building Your Network Of Potential Buyers

     Your potential buyer list is formed in conjunction with gaining a reputation and increasing visibility. The list of interested breeders grows each time you advertise, your prefix steps into the show ring or sale arena, or a satisfied buyer tells others about the benefits that they have received from your herd.

     A file of all of the breeders that have shown interest in your herd is an added benefit to your marketing program. To create an initial list, gather information on breeders you personally know or who are at agricultural events. Locate breeders who advertise with breeding similar to yours as well as buyer lists from other sales. Keep updating the file when you receive inquiries from potential buyers. This will create a great resource for finding a home for your surplus stock. To other breeders this will show your sincere interest in trying to work with them and accommodate their needs.

     The following is an example of how you can organize an effective list of potential buyers for your personal files:
1. Company or Farm Name ____________________________________________
2. Contact Person ____________________________________________
3. Address ____________________________________________
4. Phone and Fax ____________________________________________
5. Animals inquired about ____________________________________________
6. Date of last inquiry ____________________________________________
7. Date of purchase ____________________________________________
8. Date of follow-up ____________________________________________

     Some buyers will come to you, however; you should not rely on that. Continually meet with other breeders and turn them into potential buyers. If you are familiar with their herds, that gives you an added edge. Browsing through and reading industry publications will provide a lot of information on other breeder’s goals.

     From their advertisements, determine if your stock would fit into their herd. A network of buyers will always include new faces, but make sure the established potential buyers remain interested. Salesmanship is an essential tool in keeping buyers interested. Successful salespeople are those who are enthusiastic, eager to please, and are modest. To build a good reputation as a salesperson you should treat all potential buyers with respect. An impeccable reputation is ones greatest asset. Treat them all as equals, and do not be pushy. Never promote your animals to be superior to what they really are. Point out the positive reasons to invest in your animals.

     Follow-up calls on every sale are recommended. Within a month of the sale, place a call to make sure the buyer is completely satisfied with the purchase. It shows that you not only care that the animal does well for you, but also someone else.


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