Do you need a field cultivator to work your fields, clear the weeds, or prepare the fields for planting?  Or perhaps you have established crops and simply require a row crop cultivator to control the weeds in between the rows?  We have varying sizes and types of farm implements available to help you work your fields efficiently. 

     Large cultivators are often equipped with hydraulics and can cover very wide expanses of a field at one time.  Smaller cultivators are used for gardens or small crop fields.  Whether you’re looking for a cultivator that’s equipped with a blade, shovel, or disc, it’s likely we have the type you need for your farm. 

     Crop fields aren’t the only application for using a cultivator.  For those who enjoy growing their own vegetables and herbs, a cultivator is key to keeping your soil loose and workable.  For a small garden, a hand cultivator will do just fine.  However, for those more serious about gardening, you may want to peruse our selection of cultivators that can attach to your tractor.

     Farm implements are designed to make our lives easier while working our farms or our acreage.  Cultivators are just one of the tools we offer, so be sure to check out our other listings for farm and tractor implements as well.  


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