Disc Harrows

     Disc harrows are worth the investment for any landowner or farmer who requires the ability to work the soil for seeding, plowing, refining (soil), spreading dung, smoothing a surface, or tilling.  What type of disc harrow might you need? 

     We offer several types and weights of disc harrows, so depending on the application; it’s likely we have the size and weight that will enable you to get the job done in a timely manner.

     Tine harrows are typically used for refining and preparing an area for planting.  This type of disc harrow will remove small weeds and help to loosen the soil in order to allow water absorption.

     Chain harrows are ideal for leveling and covering seed with just the right amount of soil or for spreading manure over a field.  A chain harrow might also be seen on a sports field to smooth out the playing area.

     Disc harrows take on the heavy work such as breaking up sod and are often used on larger fields and farms.  It’s possible to remove stubborn weeds using a disc harrow as well. 

     Nowadays, most farmers use tractor-mounted harrows to work their land, so we offer an excellent selection of varying sizes and weights of disc harrows to meet your needs.


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