Good Qualities Learned From Beef Cattle Farming

       There are many things to be learned from beef cattle farming and ranching. Every day this type of life is becoming more popular as the stress of living in the city takes it toll of city-goers. A great move back to the simple life of country farming and ranching is taking place. Why should you be interested in this type of life? Well, first think of what living and working in the city can teach you. Surviving in the city can teach you just that—to survive. It can also teach you how to keep a schedule, how to associate with different people, how to cooperate with others and how to take care of yourself.

     Granted, you can learn these things in the country too. Living in the country can teach you many valuable qualities that are lacking in the city life. Let’s take a look at some.

Being a responsible person is not a trait that we are born with. We must cultivate that trait and work to perfect it. It may not come easy for some. Some may have to work very hard at cultivating this trait. One way that farming and ranching can help is by giving the land owner a sense of worth. He goes out and surveys his land and sees all the good that he is responsible for. Most people will want to learn how to better care for the land so that it will be productive and last a very long time. Being responsible for animals can heighten that sense of worth. There’s something about knowing that other things, both people and animals, depend on you for housing and nourishment. Therefore you will do your best to maintain and care for all of your farm or ranch; animals, people and machines.

Determination comes as a two-fold trait. This means that it can be either extremely positive or extremely negative. Hopefully with most farmers and ranchers it will be a positive determination that drives them. If one is determined to make his land thrive, he will do all in his might to make it happen. If one gets utterly discouraged in the way that his land or animals is producing, and he can’t see the "gold at the end of the rainbow", then he is determined to fail. One way or another he will fail. Determination is a great trait to possess. If it is paired with responsibility, then this will be a formula for success.

This is one trait or quality that many overlook. Since it is made into our makeup as humans, many believe that it’s only "natural" to hope for good crops. This is true. It is natural and it should never be underestimated. Hope is one of the strongest forces that drive the human spirit to accomplish many things. Hope, not gold, drove the western settlers out west in the 1800’s. Having hope in your land and animals will help you to overcome many disappointments. If you have hope in your prized farmland, in your heart you will know that all will be ok. You will know that one day, if not today, your crops will produce enough to sustain you and your family. You will know that although they are not plump now, your cows will fatten up and make profits for you. So maintaining hope will definitely bring your closer to success. Responsibility, determination and hope will make you a stronger farmer and in turn will make your land prosper.

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