Hay Rakes

     Hay season seems to arrive quickly each year, doesn’t it?  The weather can be tricky some years, providing only a small window of time in which to get the hay cut, raked, dried, and baled.  If you have the proper equipment, this process is that much easier and the entire operation can run smoothly. 

     Hay rakes are essential farm implements for anyone planning to make hay on their farm or parcel of land.  Once the hay is somewhat dried on top, a hay rake is used to gather and then gently roll the hay over so that the underside can air out and air dry (to avoid mold growth).

     We offer all types and models of hay rakes, including wheel rakes, rotary rakes, and parallel bar rakes.  The parallel bar rake is the most common one used by farmers and landowners to harvest their crop each year.  However, each type of hay rake is utilized for a different purpose, so the wheel rake or the rotary rake may be a more efficient choice for you.  Tires for hay rakes are sometimes available for purchase on our site as well, so check back often to see what “crops” up.


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