Herd Reputation In Beef Cattle Marketing

  One of the very important factors to consider is establishing "Herd Reputation In Beef Cattle Marketing".

Marketing Your Beef Cattle by Establishing A Herd Reputation
     Let your herd’s records and achievements speak for themselves. Outstanding breed performance and pedigrees stacked with desirable animals are simple ways to boost your herd's reputation. When you increase the visibility of these factors, other breeders will know your animals.

     If you decide your herd is going to take longer than you want to reach desired levels, you may want to research buying some foundation animals. Preferred foundation animals will usually be a mature cow or bull that has excelled in at least one important aspect of breeding registered cattle. It could be above average performance, excels in stacked pedigrees of preferred animals or maybe in the show ring. Look for and learn to recognize cattle that have successfully demonstrated the ability to pass on their best traits to their progeny. Progeny of such a purchase will demonstrate to other breeders the benefits of your breeding program. Such a purchase can be the foundation of achieving your desired herd reputation. Longevity of your cow families will add value to your herd while increasing their reputation.

     To establish a strong reputation it is necessary to know what other breeders respect. By registering, classifying, and performance testing your herd, you will be participating in programs other successful breeders believe in. If there is any reason to question your herd information, it will hurt your reputation and the marketability of your cattle.

     Your "Image Advertisements" should raise the value and create an identity for your herd. To develop an "Image Advertisement" it will be best to focus on one main theme. Highlight one area such as special achievements, performances of individual animals or cow families, or your entire breeding program if it is unusual. Always use the same unique layout in the image advertisement. Eye-catching headlines and visual aids are both great ways to make the reader want to learn more about your herd. The copy should build upon the idea stated in your headline.

     In any beef cattle for sale advertisement, you want to create an immediate interest for an upcoming purchase. If possible, include a photo of the animal or its sire or dam. Most people will buy based on looks and they will hesitate to purchase without seeing some type of image.

     Identify sires and use specific performance information to encourage buyer interest.

     The copy should include detailed pedigree information, but do not go overboard.

     End the advertisement by encouraging readers to write or call for more information.

     Shows can be a very important promotional event. They allow you to exhibit the best animals from your herd and to present them to potential buyers. Breeders see the visible product, not just a page of pedigree information. When breeders are impressed at shows they become potential buyers and spread the word about the quality of your herd. Your herd’s reputation grows each time your animals do well. The overall look of your exhibit can also have a positive impact on your herd’s image; therefore, having a clean exhibit is essential.

 Herd Visibility In Beef Cattle Marketing


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