Herd Visibility In Beef Cattle Marketing

       There are many things one can do to improve the acceptance of your beef cattle but nothing can be more rewarding than increasing your Herd Visibility In Beef Cattle Marketing

Increasing Visibility
Any time your animals are seen by other breeders, you have increased the number of people that are familiar with your herd. Promotion can be achieved by advertising in publications, entering the show ring, consigning to sales and selling animals privately. There are also several ways to advertise for free: farm signs, letterhead, business cards, and the visual appearance of the farm and animals.

Advertising in Publications
     Advertising your herd is never a waste of money, it always pays off. Good advertising produces interest in your herd for new buyers and direct sales. It also reaches people who are influential in the industry and stimulates more interest from other breeders. In addition, it creates a positive image and educates others on the product you have available.

     How effective your advertising techniques are depends on the frequency of advertising, your budget, your logo or slogan and the overall appearance and information contained in the ad. The budget you select will determine the publications you advertise in and how often you advertise. The audience that benefits most from your advertisement should also be an audience you can afford to reach.

     Placing ads in local farm newspapers, state publications, and other trade magazines plays an important, yet difficult role. Each publication provides a completely different target market. You need to decide which audience is the most appropriate for your herd. Advertisements can be placed in local, state, area, or national publications or they can be privately distributed. By creating your own farm brochure, you can hand out an advertisement to all farm visitors or mail it to a list of potential buyers.

     There are two types of advertisements to put into industry publications, the "image ad" and the "cattle for sale ad". Both advertisements should attract the reader’s attention by being simple, direct, unique and clean. Bold headlines and large pictures are more preferable. Although it is essential to relay information, you must be careful not to clutter the ad with too many messages. An ad with no central focal point may keep people from reading your advertisement all together.

Entering the Show Ring
     Most shows provide you the opportunity to have professional photographers take pictures of your animals. This is the perfect occasion to picture your show string, because they are already fitted and looking their best.

Consigning to Sales
     Consignment sales are a promotional arena. Make sure your consignment looks good, on paper and in the barn. Some people never make it to the sale, but from the catalog they can become interested. The pedigree in the catalog serves as an advertisement, along with the ads that are published for the sale in industry magazines.

Selling Animals Privately
     Anytime you sell an animal, the entire herd gains visibility. In private sales, the purchase should impress the new owner enough to want to become a repeat buyer. In the new owner’s barn, there may be visitors that become your potential buyers. The best form of advertising is from word of mouth from satisfied customers.

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