How To See and Select A Fertile Bull

How To See & Select A Fertile Bull
For Seed Stock & Commercial Breeders
By Gearld Fry

       The selection you make for bulls for the next generation of calves will be the most important decision you will make concerning your future in the cattle industry. This bull with his genetic potential holds the keys to make a profit and a living in the cattle industry and build a concentrated gene pool that will assure you of continued success. Or your choice if improperly made and settling for second best will not allow you to progress and will leave open cows to be culled unduly.

  This writers intended purpose in presenting the following information is to make available information of specific nature, which will allow you the opportunity to satisfactorily determine if the prospective bull you are about to select is fertile, sub-fertile or sterile and get your cows pregnant on time. Also allow you to produce the type of cattle the consumer or breeder is searching for.

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There are many examples in pictures, a most interesting tool for any cattle breeder.


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