Introduction To Beef Cattle Marketing

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
David Lloyd George

In brief there are three Major Steps To Beef Cattle Marketing

Marketing registered beef cattle involves mastering these three areas.
1) Goals. Goals need to be set that will establish or improve marketability.

2) Attaining goals. Attaining these goals is the next step.
3) Marketing. Once the marketability is at a level you are satisfied with, the actual promotion can begin.

Beef Cattle Marketing is all about how to establish a profitable marketing & sales plan for your registered Beef Cattle

Some Objectives
Slogans and headlines may be used to your advantage in the marketing of your cattle. A good marketing plan attracts attention, increases value, and builds the reputation of your herd. This website will help you determine the goals needed for maximizing profit, the steps to take when achieving these goals, and how to utilize these steps to develop marketing strategies.

This website is designed to help you set and evaluate goals for your herd that will allow it to compete in the marketplace.

It will help you establish a marketing & sales plan for your registered cattle.

It will serve as a guide to build your herd’s reputation and earn the respect of other breeders through a detailed marketing program.

It will teach you how to create advertisements for publication in local, state and national magazines and newspapers.

A beef cattle producer must be knowledgeable and be able to communicate to the customer. A producer needs to have a clear understanding of the animal, the farming practices used by the farm, and must have a pleasant, friendly, and likeable personality. Customers will purchase from people they like.
Farms do not have to be fancy looking, but the farm must be clean and provide a safe environment for the customer and the animals. If you invite customers to your farm, offer convenient hours on set days. Evening and weekend hours may be necessary.

A producer should publicize the farm and cattle through word of mouth and most all media such as newsletters, newspapers, farm guides or publications, the Internet, radio, television and open houses. Word of mouth is one of the most important forms of advertisement for a producer. Newsletters keep customers informed of available cattle and upcoming events at the farm. A farm website can enable a farm to acquire long distant customers though the Internet. A farm open house invites the public in to see the farm; it educates them on farm practices, and introduces them to the cattle.

Most consumers will pay more for an excellent product and have become more animal welfare concerned. A producer must be willing to discuss the living conditions, feeding program, and health program of his cattle with the customer. Education and honest communication with the customer about the way the cattle are raised may be important to the customer.

A producer must always ask customers questions and be willing to listen to the customer's recommendations on how to improve the cattle. Find out what they are looking for in order to keep them happy and be a returning customer. A satisfied customer will continue returning and they will also recommend your cattle to others.

Goals Setting In Beef Cattle Marketing


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