More Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas

     More Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas and Information can be found in may places if you have time to look around.

Breed Associations are a source of specific breed information and may have a variety of programs.

     There are a variety of channels to help with meeting your goals and marketing your product both domestically and internationally.

     Some associations provide field representatives which travel across the country assisting members. A good field representative can quickly point out an animal's strong and weak points by visually evaluating their conformation. They can also help you enroll in breed programs. Field Representatives are familiar with the various services the Associations offer which allow them to provide valuable information. They can furnish an unbiased evaluation and make objective mating suggestions while serving as a national network for buying and selling breeding stock. Field Representatives cover large geographical territories and make many contacts, so they know who are buying or selling and are familiar with the current market price.

Local and state fairs along with district and state shows are good places to increase visibility. For information on dates and regulations contact your state association and fair offices.

Most breed publications will have photos from photographers around the nation. The publication’s office can tell you how to get in touch with a photographer in your area.

Industry publications have a variety of advertisers that provide numerous services. Many businesses can be contacted through the information provided in their ad. The publication staff will be very helpful to breeders that want to advertise in their publications and can answer a variety of questions.

The managers and sponsors of each sale will be listed on the advertisement for the sale. Sales managers can help you sell your animals in both consignment and private sales.

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