Before WWII, farmers used horses to plant their fields and gardens, but were limited to the width of their horses’ hindquarters as a guide for the width of the seed row.  Following the war, farmers began investing in tractors and mechanized planters for seeding their fields and gardens.  In response to the needs of farmers with more acreage to plant, manufacturers of farming equipment began designing and producing planters that could handle not only two rows, but up to eight rows at once (and anywhere in between). 

     Modern-day farmers must consider the accuracy and dependability of the planter they’re planning to use on their farm.  There are many types and sizes of planters available today.  Whether you’re simply planting a game plot to encourage wildlife viability in your area, or you’re planting several acres of crops, there is a planter that will make your life easier and increase your productivity.

     We offer planters for both small and large operations.  We also offer planter replacement parts as well as replacement planter plates for different models of planters.  Check back often to see what we are offering for either local pick-up or for delivery.


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