Tillage prepares the soil for receiving seed and must be performed prior to planting each year.  Plows are farm implements that enable you to till the soil, killing the weeds embedded in the seedbed, and freeing up vital nutrients and moisture in the soil.  The tillage method you choose will depend on how much crop residue is left on the surface of the soil. 

     A chisel plow is the preferred choice of farmers using a plow for conservation purposes.  The chisel plow features curved metal shanks for stirring and aerating the soil, which leaves more crop residue behind.

     A moldboard plow boasts a large frame with a “knife” attached that goes into the ground vertically, followed by a wedge-shaped surface, typically manufactured from steel.  This type of plow is designed to cut the soil, raise the soil, and then turn over the soil.  These plows not only aerates the soil, but also efficiently incorporates solid manure, limestone, crop residue, and oxygen into the soil.

     Disk plows are used when you need quick and shallow soil preparation, utilizing a set of concave disk blades. 

     We offer all types of plows to meet your tillage purposes, so come back often to see what is being featured!


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