Post Hole Diggers

     Perhaps you can recall watching your grandfather or father using the two-handled manual post-hole digger with blades in a clamshell design, to put in a fence around the pasture or garden.  Post hole diggers, or augers, have come a long way from those days, haven’t they?  The post hole diggers of today don’t involve as much physical exertion on your part in order to erect a fence or corral on your place.

    Post hole diggers are used to dig small or moderately sized holes for fence posts, bulb planting, farming purposes, or planting shrubs and trees.  You can find augers that are manually driven, hydraulically driven, freestanding, or ones that attach to your tractor.

     Modern day post hole diggers require less hard manual labor in order to achieve the desired purpose of digging a hole or several holes.  We offer several types of post hole diggers: auger hand post hole diggers, tractor post hole augers, and wheel powered augers.  Of course, our listings vary from week to week depending on what is available, but most likely at some time; we just might have exactly what you need.


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