Seeders and Spreaders

     The models and sizes of seeders and spreaders vary across the board depending on the application for which you’re wanting one or the other.  Spreaders can be sized to manage light duty residential or hobby farm applications or to manage heavy-duty commercial, municipal, or large farm applications.  They’re used to distribute ice melt, fertilizer, seed, weed or pest control products, and many other granular products.

     For small applications such as a residential lawn, garden, or driveway, walk-behind spreaders and seeders work well.  However, for those who require a spreader or seeder to cover acreage, parking lots, or streets, a commercial style model is your best choice.   

     Always make sure the spreader you’re considering will distribute the medium you need.  For example, some spreaders can handle both ice melt and sand, whereas others can handle only the ice melt and not the sand.

     We carry small walk-behind spreaders and seeders as well as larger spreaders that attach to the tailgate of your truck, hitch of your tractor, your ATV hitch, or front of your tractor.  Check back often to see which seeders and spreaders are being featured.


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