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  • Purebred Cattle Pages specializes in beef cattle with lots of information and resourcres about purebred cattle for the farmer and rancher. Discover what purebred cattle has to offer today...
  • Some day heritage Breeds of Cattle could be the lifesaver of the cattle industry. Learn more...
  • How to contact, more information and links to some of the more progressive Beef Cattle Breeders in the beef cattle industry today.
  • Where to contact and learn more information about the beef cattle farm or ranch of some today's more progressive Angus Beef Cattle Breeders.
  • No Name Cattle Co tries to have a good selection of very high quality Angus Cattle and Working Cow Dogs For Sale at all times.
  • Bill Stone at 2 Bar S Angus Cattle, Bells, Texas has been a breeder of quality Registered Black Angus Cattle many years. Bill breeds a lot of his cattle by Artificial Insemination to the hottest bulls of the breed.
  • Where to contact and learn more information about the beef cattle farm or ranch of some today's more progressive Murray Grey Beef Cattle Breeders.
  • Discover a little information about some of the most prevalent Beef Cattle Breeds in the USA.
  • Discover some of the many reasons why a lot of today's Beef Cattle Breeders believe so strongly in running Purebred Cattle.
  • The first great herds of Angus beef cattle in America were built up by purchasing stock directly from Scotland. Twelve hundred cattle alone were imported, mostly to the Midwest, in a period of explosive growth between 1878 and 1883 . Over the next quarter of a century these early owners, in turn, helped start other herds by breeding, showing, and selling their registered stock.
  • The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed exhibits a history of selective breeding pressures that have resulted in the economically valuable breed that we know today.
  • The British White Cattle Association is governed by a nine member Board of Directors elected by and from the active members of the association. As an active member you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of livestock events & industry meetings as well as record your British White Beef Animals in the official registry at reduced rates.
  • The Murray Grey originated in southern New South Wales, Australia. The preferred color is silver-gray although there are numerous variations in the shading of gray. In 1905, on the Thologolong property of Peter Sutherland, a particular roan Shorthorn cow...
  • Parthenais existed in western Europe for hundreds of years with the official French herdbook being established in 1893. 100 years later the Canadian herdbook was established.
  • The name of the Santa Gertrudis breed is from Rincon de Santa Gertrudis, the name of the original land grant purchased by Captain Richard King from the heirs of Juan Mendiola. This land grant is where the first headquarters of the King Ranch was established.
  • The Shorthorn Breed of Cattle originated on the northeastern coast of England in the counties of Northumberland, Durham, York, and Lincoln. These counties all touch the North Sea and lie between the Cheviot Hills and the middle part of England.
  • Learn more about the methods used how to obtain optimum production, both current and future, in a beef cattle breeding herd through management of the heifers.
  • Learn how Beef Cattle Heifer management plays an important role in optimum production, both current and future, in a beefcattle breeding herd. .
  • Should you Buy or Raise Replacement Heifers? There are pros and cons to each and both are explained here...
  • It is a constant struggle to evaluate the number of replacement heifers that must be developed or purchased to bring into the herd each year. As a starting place in the effort to answer this question, it is important to look at the “average” cow herd to understand how many cows are in each age category.
  • Good heifer development is tied to proper growth and development for replacement heifers. It will aid in their ability to deliver and raise a healthy first calf and then rebreed for the subsequent calf crop.
  • Ideally, heifers growing as two year olds should be in a body condition score 6 at the time that their first calf is born. Bred replacement heifers that will calve in January and February need to continue to grow and maintain body condition.
  • Heifers Breeding Weight.... Growing programs for weaned replacement heifers must be adequate to allow enough gain from weaning to 13 months of age to allow a high percentage of heifers to being cycling.
  • Heifers Heat Sync.... The relatively new heat synchronization technique being used in replacement heifers is the combined use of MGA and prostaglandin.
  • Heifers Preg Check.... Pregnancy Check and Cull Replacement Heifers Early. Many ranchers choose to breed the replacement heifers about a month ahead of the mature cows in the herd.
  • Heifers Breed Back... Cattlemen for years have noted that first calf heifers tend to have lower pregnancy rates and breed back later in the breeding season following their first calf.
  • Beef Cattle Marketing is aimed at helping you develop aA satisfied customer that will continue returning and recommend your cattle to others. You will need to find out what they are looking for in order to keep them happy and be a returning customer.
  • Let us help you discover how to do a better job with your Beef Cattle through this Introduction To Beef Cattle Marketing.
  • Goals Setting In Beef Cattle Marketing is extremely important and you should begin your goal setting by realistically evaluating the marketability of your herd. Success in breeding occurs when you can see the weaknesses in your herd.
  • Establishing Herd Reputation In Beef Cattle Marketing is one of the often overlooked but very important factors to successful marketing and sales. Don't Allow Yourself To Be Guilty!
  • There are many things one can do to improve the acceptance of your beef cattle but nothing can be more rewarding than increasing your Herd Visibility In Beef Cattle Marketing
  • To be successful at Beef Cattle Marketing you will need to know how to establish a beef cattle marketing sales plan for your registered Beef Cattle operation.
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  • The main ingredient of making Consignment Sales For Beef Cattle Marketing a real success lies with the individual consignors for the most part. Good Cattle, Good Grooming, Good Condition and Good Pre-Selling will make it happen.
  • Knowing and understanding the beef cattle consignment sales possible downsides will go a long way in helping you to prepare for and make it a positive event. Where can a consignor go wrong?
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  • More Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas and Information can be found in may places if you have time to look around.
  • Beef Cattle Reproductive Management is all about new reproductive technologies to allow producers use of the best genetics on their cattle to improve their herd. Pounds weaned per cow is a function of percent calf crop and weaning weight.
  • Have you given much thourht to why Beef Cattle Bull Selection may be the most contributing factor to adding profits to every beef cattle farm or ranch?
  • Discover some of the reasons why bull selection and management are number one in importantce on every beef cattle farm.
  • Bull management 101 is extremely important because a bull is usually kept around for one thing only and that is to breed cows. Proper management is needed to keep the bull in shape for the purposes intended.
  • Learning How To See and Select A Fertile Bull may be the most important tool you can acquire to help with the selection you make for bulls to sire your next generation of calves. The quality of the calves you produce will determine your future in the cattle industry.
  • Producers searching for a cost efficient method to promote a successful breeding program should find a bull breeding soundness examination very beneficial.
  • The Bull To Cow Ratio is defined as the n umber of cows to expect a bull to cover in one breeding season.
  • Are you looking for some bulls nutritional needs and feed considerations or requirements? If so this is for your consideration to apply to weaned or purchased Bulls.
  • Management of bulls after breeding season is still very important so you will always have bulls ready when needed.
  • Bull Scrotal Circumference is one of the easiest numbers to acquire and probably the most important and least understood.
  • Proper attent must be paid to your young bulls care management if you expect them to live up to their maximum potential and your expectations.
  • The most usual time to be thinking about Beef Bull Selection and management is prior to and into late spring because spring marks the traditional bull buying season.
  • Very important that you have some knowledge about what your beef cattle bulls age at puberty should be. Puberty is the age at which reproductive function begins in animals. It corresponds with changes in hormone levels
  • Beef Cattle Bull Scrotum and Testicles, the testicles have two functions; producing sperm and testosterone, and the scrotum acts as a control for the temperature of the testicles.
  • Beef Cattle Bull Carcass Selection For Herd Improvement comes from some inside information on "Visual Evaulation For Bull Carcass Selection?" Here's an up-to-date report from a few experts who should know.
  • Beef Cattle Bull Selection For Temperament has effects on factors such as labor requirements, efficiency and meat quality. Temperament is often modified by handling practices and other environmental factors.
  • Bull selection is the foundation for building a profitable beef herd. In most commercial herds, bulls are purchased and replacement heifers are selected from within the herd.
  • When it comes to beef cattle bull talk most all cattle breeders are not very unique because they all need bulls.
  • A Central Beef Cattle Bull Test Program is to compare individual performance of potential herd sires, provide an opportunity for seedstock producers to market individual bulls, provide a source of bulls for commercial and seedstock herds and provide an educational opportunity for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Error proof bull selection is something most all beef cattle breeders can put to good use.
  • The only way to keep up with the latest about "Beef Cattle Genetics And Reproduction" is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about "Beef Cattle Genetics And Reproduction", it won't take long for you to become an influential authority.
  • If you have even a passing interest in the topic of heifer bulls, then you should take a look at this information.
  • A listing of the major cattle associations with a link to their website.
  • A collection of cattle services and suppliers including but not limited to consulting, embryo transfer, ultrasound, sonogram, linear measurement, farm & ranch supplies, cattle supplies, veterinary service and supplies.
  • Country Living and Beef Cattle is what many dreams are made of. This site will help in many ways.
  • Discover why so many folks have Dreams of Country Living in today's fast moving high tech world.
  • Choose your beef cattle alliance with care. There are various types of alliances in the beef industry, but all have the common goal of creating a brand for participating beef producers and ensuring the quality of that brand.
  • When it comes to Beef Cattle and The Label you need to stay up to date. There is a huge variety of beef products available for today’s consumer’s to enjoy, and as diets and attitudes toward nutrition change, so to has the beef industry.
  • Review this site for many Beef Cattle Basics, especially helpful to anyone anticipating a move to the country.
  • Beef Cattle Body Condition Score Is An Important Management Tool. Every beef cattle breeder should know and understand it well.
  • Keep the Herd and the Ranch in Mind during your Beef Cattle Bull Selection and Management decisions. By and large, bull selection is done to improve the overall herd’s genetics, slowly increasing the quality of the herd until all have the superior bull genes.
  • Practical Beef Cattle Business Techniques proves that Big Business Doesn’t Have to Rule.
  • Beef Cattle Sales Which Is Best, Auction Versus Direct Versus Internet. Which marketing outlet you pick can make or break your operation.
  • This site had to be named Cattle Breeds In Brief because there are more than 250 breeds of cattle grazing at any given time worldwide.
  • Consumer Trends and Beef Cattle, today’s Consumer’s are on the Go. For the beef cattle rancher, this means huge steaks are falling out of favor for those shopping for the quick fix home dinners. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Cooperative Extension And Beef Cattle Information is an Invaluable Resource for Today’s Beef Cattle Rancher. It is provided by Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Services. They provide A Real Learning Network.
  • Corn Versus Hay For Beef Cattle. Should you feed your beef cattle Corn or Hay in the Winter?
  • Any successful beef operation involves handling cattle at various times. This is when Corrals and Beef Cattle become a perfect match.
  • A Country Fresh Green Lawn will enhance your country living with beef cattle, they just naturally go hand in hand.
  • Crossbreeding beef cattle if done right can add a real boost to commercial cattle performance.
  • Deciding To Raise Your Own Beef Cattle can be a very rewardable and enjoyable experience and can also be one of the most profitable decisions one can make.
  • Energy Decrease In Winter and Beef Cattle can present some interesting challenges for your manangement practices.
  • Feedlots and beef cattle are still the norm in today's beff cattle industry but will it chang in the near future.
  • Forward Pricing Beef Cattle can Mean Stability but old habits die hard.
  • There are a few requirements one must take once you decide to have fresh milk and a family milk cow.
  • Many good qualities learned from beef cattle farming and ranching. Visit this site for an enjoyable trip back to the farm.
  • Grass feeding beef cattle and for that matter, dairy cattle, is usually much easier on the farm budget and give the animals their natural food.
  • Hay Versus Ground Feed For Beef Cattle is always a question but if you want to produce good beef and generate a generous profit, usually good legume hay will do the trick.
  • General Introduction To Small Beef Cattle Ranching for anyone wanting to get into the cattle industry as a first timer.
  • Keeping Cows Cool applys more to dairy cows than beef cattle but an adequate shade will help your beef cattle keep cool.
  • Some Keys to Successful Ranching provided by the United States Department of Agriculture .
  • Mad Cow disease was first identified in the United Kingdom in the 1980s and gets its name from the erratic behavior it causes in infected cattle, which will stumble, stagger and exhibit strange—or mad—behavior.
  • Marketing Beef Cattle has seen new advances in technological marketing techniques, such as the Internet and video sales. Some beef cattle farmers & ranchers are readily employing these new techniques to their benefit.
  • Modern Milking Machines Make Milking Easy, today milking a cow is actually a relatively simple process thanks to today’s machinery.
  • What is the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)?
  • Nutrition Basics For Beef Cattle is no different to proper nutrition for humans, cattle, like all animals, must have a healthy and nutritional diet if they are too flourish and produce the quality products and profitable operations you are looking for.
  • Proper Nutrition Crucial to Success With Beef Cattle. Nutrition is crucial to a cow or heifer’s production cycle, and can be the difference between success and failure of you operations if a proper and well-crafted nutritional program is implemented.
  • Pasture Basics must be mastered to be successful in any beef cattle farming or ranching operation.
  • Pasture Blends in simple terms refers to a mix of grasses and legumes for best growth in your pasture. Which blend is best for your region?
  • Raising chickens on your farm is not only a good idea, but it is also economical. Raising Chickens can make money for you?
  • Ranching and Internet Use has not always been an everday term in the beef cattle ranching busines but it is beginning to change.
  • Record Keeping Basics For Beef Cattle in plain words. Does not include a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. Just plain basics in plain words.
  • Reproduction Basics For Beef Cattle is just the simple basics. As basic as reminded us that the most important factor in beef cattle production is reproduction of the herd itself. If cows don’t get pregnant and produce calves, it is basically a waste of their production time.
  • Most any kind of Resources For Beef Cattle can easily be found on the Internet in this day and time. Both real informative and a time and money saver.
  • Salt has often been referreed to as the Beef Cattle Rancher’s Tool. No question that Salt And Beef Cattle go together.
  • Specialized Grazing Systems For Beef Cattle were born in the 1950s, and have been developed, honed and modified since to offer several grazing alternatives depending on climate, cow herd and environmental factors.
  • A good concept to raising beef cattle is starting small and build your dreams.
  • Stress And Beef Cattle is not a serious matter on most ranches, however just like humans, beef cattle can have negative emotional reactions to a host of things they encounter and activities they undertake or must be put through on a daily basis.
  • The Beef Cattle Chain within the cattle industry in the United States today is made up of a diverse group of business men and women
  • Some of The Facts about Corn in the United States. Corn production measures more than double that of any other grain crop in the states. Researchers have discovered many uses for corn such as vitamins and amino acids.
  • USDA Conservation Programs are generall available throughout the USA farming and ranching community. Contact offices are in most all County Seat Towns.
  • Water For Beef Cattle equals life for the cattle and profit for the beef cattle farmer or rancher.
  • Women and Farming may sound like a mis-match but a lot of women are now taking on the challenge of running a farm. It is a challenge when you compare it to a regular secular career in the urban jungle. But many women welcome this new venture with open arms.
  • The Wild, Wild Days of Ranching may be over but some fundamental concepts have remained as hardened as the pioneering cowboys of yesteryear.
  • Discover many Farm Tractor Implements available on Ebay. Even if you don't buy there you should compare prices.
  • It’s pretty amazing when you think about Farm Implements Advancements In The Last 75 Years or so. However, farming in general hasn’t changed a great deal. Farmers are extremely hard workers. They are dedicated to the land and love what they do.
  • Bale spears are one of the most important tools needed for properly handling round bales. You’ll save time and increase productivity by using a bale spear or spike. We have an excellent selection of bale spears.
  • Discover many most used farm supplies researched and accumulated in one place.
  • Blades and box blades are considered a standard farm implement that no landowner can be without, especially when you can do the job yourself for a lot less than paying someone else to come in and do it.
  • Large cultivators are often equipped with hydraulics and can cover very wide expanses of a field at one time. Smaller cultivators are used for gardens or small crop fields.
  • Disc harrows (disk) are worth the investment for any landowner or farmer. Check This site it’s likely we have the size and weight that will enable you to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • Hay rakes are essential farm implements for anyone planning to make hay. Check this site for all types and models of hay rakes, including wheel rakes, rotary rakes, and parallel bar rakes.
  • Hitches and drawbars have been used for years to connect farm implements to a tractor and are still used today. Check this site for a large inventory of hitches.
  • Farm Implement Manuals and Books are quite often misplaced or lost. We offer several different farm implement manuals and books that will give instruction on various pieces of farm equipment and tools.
  • Manure spreaders are key implements for livestock farmers. Check this site and discover manure spreaders for small farms who perhaps utilize a small tractor or four-wheeler to maneuver their farm implements around the place.
  • Mowers are used for many different purposes. Have a look at this site to discover mowers in all sizes and deck widths that will fit nicely on a small or large tractor.
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  • We offer planters for both small and large operations. We also offer planter replacement parts as well as replacement planter plates for different models of planters.
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  • Horse Supplies for sale where you name your own price.
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  • Beef cattle terminology is a listing of beef cattle terms used everyday in cattle farming and ranching.
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