Sprayers are one of those tools you may not realize you need until you’re faced with a project that seems to warrant something more than a squirt bottle or paintbrush.  Sprayers are fantastic time savers for your small projects.  These gems are ideal for anyone living in the suburbs, the back forty, or right in the heart of the city.  You’ll find that sprayers save you time, money, and product.

     What can you do with a sprayer?  Hand-held sprayers with a hose and nozzle can be used to deliver weed-killing product to your patio, driveway, or cobblestone walkway.  This style of sprayer is often used by pest control professionals to direct product to the affected areas around the perimeter of the home and inside the home as well.

     A deck and fence sprayer easily coats these larger areas evenly and efficiently with toners or semi-transparent stains.  Just think how quickly you’ll be finished with these projects using a sprayer rather than a single paintbrush!

     For those of you who need to cover large expanses with liquid fertilizer or water, there are several different models of sprayers available for use with your truck, tractor, or ATV.


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