Starting Small and Build Your Dreams

        Now that your property is paid for, where do you go from here? Many have stood out on their newly purchased land and envisioned a thriving prosperous farm. They dream of huge barns, hundreds of cattle, hundreds of chickens, dozens of farming machinery, acres of crops, and the list goes on.

      This would be a dream come true for most. But as with all major investments and ventures, one would be wise to start small. Starting small and building your dreams from there is one of the smartest things that anyone could do. Rushing out and buying all of your livestock at once is not such a good idea. Granted, some may be able to handle a rush of responsibilities like caring for all of those animals at once, but most will be overwhelmed.

      The best thing to do would be to build your farm by caring for one species at a time. Buy a few of the same species at a time. Learn to take care of their housing and nutritional needs first. Become a successful handler of those animals first, before going on to the next ones.

      For instance, you may want to raise a couple of goats. First, make it up in your mind that you really do want to raise these animals. You decide this by studying up on them, learn their housing needs, and research which breeds would be best for your farm. Once you do your research, then go out and buy the goats. Don’t buy ten or fifteen, start out with two (2). After you bring your goats home, interact with them. Get to know how they act. Work wholeheartedly with them until you feel comfortable with caring for their needs.

     When you feel as though you have mastered the goats, then you move on to the next type of animal. If you follow these steps thoroughly, you will find that after long, you will have a farm full of animals that you can care for successfully. It is important that you only get as many animals as your land can support. If your land can only support one flock of chickens, a herd of cattle and a couple of goats, then purchase only those animals.

      This holds true also with machinery and buildings on your land. Start small. Of course, your dream home may be however you want it to be. As regards to the types of buildings you choose to build, build only what you need at that present time. There’s no reason to build a beef smoke house if you don’t plan on smoking your beef. Don’t build a huge impressive barn if you really don’t need it. A small barn will be sufficient. Research your machinery as well. A farm or ranch can function successful with a tractor and trailer. The "Keep it Simple" standard holds true for small farms as well. Start small and build on your dreams. And one day you will notice that your dreams have been realized.

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