Tillers are essential farm implements for anyone looking to turn hard ground or a weed-infested area into workable soil, most often for planting purposes.  The reason for using a tiller is to transform an area of ground into a seedbed that is ideal for accepting seed.  Tillers are rugged pieces of machinery given the job they’re required to do.

     As with any other farm implements and tools, tillers are manufactured in several different sizes and models.  You can choose from the following styles:  rear tine tiller, 3-point hitch tiller, rotary tiller, or a rotary tractor tiller.  Each style has its advantages.  Depending on the size of the area you want to till, the condition of that area currently, and the depth you want to achieve, there is a tiller that will best fit the job.

     For smaller jobs, a self-propelled hand directed tiller works well.  Hobby farmers or suburban home owners like this style of tiller because they’re just the right size for creating a garden or flowerbed and can easily be stored in a garage or shed.

     Larger areas of ground to be worked require a tiller that is mounted to a tractor.  These styles of tillers vary in horsepower, number of blades, and path swath (distance across). 


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