Women and Farming

        A lot of women are now taking on the challenge of running a farm. It is a challenge when you compare it to a regular secular career in the urban jungle. But many women welcome this new venture with open arms.

     Running and maintaining a farm or ranch takes skill, endurance, determination and a love for what you’re doing. Most women already possess these skills from their careers in the city. Country living can bring many hardships for the ill-prepared. The best advice as with all things is to be prepared. There isn’t any advice better than this. Having a plan in advance will help you to overcome obstacles when they come. And they will come. 

     Take for instance a beginner farmer named Nellie. Nellie had a dream of living in the wide open country. Her hopes were to live off of her newly purchased land and prosper for a very long time. She had all of her ducks in a row. So she thought. She searched months for the "perfect" piece of property. One day she found 40 acres of farmland in northern Kentucky. She surveyed the land and immediately knew that this was her dream come true. She then called up her construction company and immediately started building on the land. Pretty soon she had a beautiful five bedroom country home built just for her.

     One day while Nellie was reclining on her porch she noticed a subtle, but noticeable creaking sound. To her the sound was like pressure being put on wood. She dismissed it and continued on. Two weeks later the noise became louder and louder. This unnerved her and she called the contractor immediately. He assured her that everything was fine and that the house was built solid. One night while she was sleeping there came a loud crash and the whole living room and the connect kitchen floors went sinking into the ground below. Horrified Nellie called the local sheriff to report what had happened.  

     To her utter dismay, the sheriff informed her that she had built her dream home on an unstable piece of earth. Apparently, there used to be a lake there that had been drained and filled with dirt. Enraged she asked why she wasn’t told about this. She bitterly held him accountable for her lost dream home. The sheriff calmly accepted her bitter words and calmly told her that it was not his fault that this happened to her home. That in fact it could have been avoided if she had done the proper research of this property.

     Apparently, the facts about this piece of property were available to her if she had only done the research. She would have known that his dream property was in fact at one time a small lakeside community of 10 houses. She would have known that this particular area of her land was unsuitable for building. So the moral of this story is simple. Do your research. You will not regret doing a little more research than anyone else. Doing so will ensure that you will know how to handle obstacles when they arise.

     When you have your plan set, then you can focus on everything else. For instance, you can focus on which crops you will raise, or which livestock you will care for, or even what types of profit margins you want to set for the goods that you produce. The possibilities are endless. Women are known for their abilities to multi-task. You can use that ability to run your own farm. And you can run it successfully with the proper advanced planning. Plan ahead and you will succeed.

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